Simona Todesco

Three new languages: Albanian, Finnish and Serbian

Textshuttle has added three more languages to its translation tool, bringing the number of languages available for Business users to 23.

Albanian and Serbian are two of the largest language groups in Switzerland. Albanian is the second most commonly spoken foreign language in the country, after English.
Finnish complements the existing Nordic language pool of Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.

All languages at a glance:

• Albanian
• Chinese
• Danish
• German (Germany and Switzerland)
• English (UK and US)
• Finnish
• French (France and Switzerland)
• Italian (Italy and Switzerland)
• Japanese
• Korean
• Dutch
• Norwegian (Bokmål)
• ‍Polish
• Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal)
• Romansh
• Russian
• Swedish
• Serbian
• Slovenian
• Slovakian
• Spanish
• Czech
• Hungarian