Janine Aeberhard

Textshuttle Cockpit and Polish Now Available

For a long time it was quiet around us, now it’s finally time: Our new product features are live! The biggest news: Textshuttle now offers access to the Cockpit. It is also possible to translate from and into Polish with all of our other generic languages.


Cockpit Now Available

The Cockpit forms the basis of Textshuttle and offers the possibility to independently manage your own machine translation systems. Terminology(s) can be stored and managed in the Cockpit. It is possible to define independently which terminology(s) should be taken into account during the translations – independently of Textshuttle and immediately accessible. The new access to the Cockpit and the customisation possibilities do not affect your work in the CAT tool. You can still use the same keys as before. In addition, the Cockpit offers a range of configuration options for the Translation Interface, such as adding a new logo, different colours or a character limit.

Extension of the Language Family to Include Polish

We would also like to welcome a new member to our language family: In the generic system, we offer the language Polish to and from all existing languages.

User Manual for Textshuttle

How does the connection to Across work again? And where do I store the terminology in the Cockpit? Textshuttle now has a user manual with many tips and tricks on the use of machine translation. In the User Manual, all features of Textshuttle are described in detail with pictures and explained step by step. There are also all release notes for reading. Interested parties can create an account here and get started right away.

Click here to read our Release Notes.