Janine Aeberhard

Engine Management Overhaul and New Language

Along with the usual improvements of our system, we launch an overhauled and simplified engine management with our December release. Moreover, a further world language, Portuguese, is now available.

Engine Management Overhaul

Textshuttle allows to create single MT-systems, so called engines, that can be configured individually and adjusted with translation memories and terminology databases. This can be useful when translating texts of a specific customer or of a special branch. The engine management has now been overhauled and simplified. Creating and editing engines is now more self-explanatory and faster resulting also in an improved overview for admins. Furthermore, API-keys can now be created directly from the engine and don’t require to be separately created and then assigned to an engine anymore.


Portuguese Now Available

Bem-vindo português! With our latest release a new world language is added to Textshuttle: As from now european as well as brazilian Portuguese are available as source and target language and are compatible with all existing languages in Textshuttle. And of course, the settings for predetermine politeness will be soon available also for Portuguese.

Click here to read our Release Notes. on Zendesk.