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Textshuttle Launches a Free-of-charge AI Translation Service

With the launch of, Textshuttle is offering the general public a first-of-its-kind free service for the secure translation of texts and documents into all Swiss national languages.

Textshuttle is your personal language workplace for communicating better in all national languages. The technology is based on the latest generation of artificial intelligence (AI). Unlike other translation services, Textshuttle is developed and operated entirely and purposefully in Switzerland. The service was launched at the beginning of May 2023 and is available for the public to use free of charge. Users benefit from exclusive languages and special features.


The aim of the development was to make AI translation accessible in all Swiss national languages for everyone across Switzerland. Textshuttle can be used for translations from and into German, French, Italian, Romansh, English and Swiss German. Accordingly, local linguistic and cultural idiosyncrasies form an integral part of the service. For instance, the languages are adapted to spellings and expressions commonly used in Switzerland. What’s more, Textshuttle is the only AI translation service worldwide to offer translations from and into Swiss German and Romansh. We look forward to receiving feedback!

Technical features

In addition to these linguistic USPs, users can also expect to enjoy a wide range of technical benefits: for example, users can translate larger volumes of text and more documents than with other free AI translation services. Moreover, all documents retain their original layout following translation. As the gap in quality between translation services continues to close, context-specific variation is becoming all the more important. What makes for a successful translation is a translation that is accurate in terms of both content and tone. With this in mind, Textshuttle offers a wide range of options for customising translations. It can, for example, generate different translation variants for individual words or entire sections in the blink of an eye. Users can see alternative suggestions by selecting individual passages. In addition, the desired degree of formality (formal or informal) can be set, and translations quickly and easily edited in the target text field.

Iterative improvements

Widespread use ensures the continuous improvement of translation results. The system learns on the basis of existing language resources and by being shown existing translations over and over again. The development is expanded in iterative processes and continuously adapted and improved using the latest technologies. At the same time, its widespread use by users ensures the continuous evaluation and improvement of the translation results. is now available free of charge for anyone wishing to translate texts and documents quickly and securely.

More information

Want to find out more about Textshuttle, or looking for experts in AI? Visit our Media Corner. Here, you’ll find the press release on the launch of Textshuttle.

Textshuttle’s business solution is used by thousands of employees and dozens of professional translation teams in Swiss and multinational corporations such as Swiss Life, Migros Bank and OBI Group.