Valeria Pallotta

2022 - The Year in Review

The past 12 months at Textshuttle have been eventful: The introduction of language variants, a total of seven new languages and new as well as optimised features have improved our portfolio. We enjoyed some terrific events and grew internally.

‍Features and Releases

In February, we announced the introduction of language varieties in German, English and French as useful optimisation or optimisation. In addition, we added seven new languages to our language portfolio: Czech, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian (Bokmål), Swedish and Slovak. With the Microsoft Office Add-Ins available since spring, users can access Textshuttle directly in Outlook, Word and PowerPoint and thus translate even more efficiently.

We were able to add Romansh, the fourth and last Swiss national language, to our portfolio in summer. In collaboration with Radiotelevisiun Svizra Rumantscha (RTR), translations from and into Romantsch Grischun (official language) were developed during one year. Due to the positive feedback, we have decided to extend access free of charge to Textshuttle.

Beyond our national languages, we added seven new languages to our language portfolio this year: Czech, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian (Bokmål), Swedish and Slovak.

‍The Return of In-Person Events

Finally, physical events were allowed to take place again this year. In June, we had the pleasure of organising a wonderful anniversary edition of our Meetup with the topic "Less In More Out - Low Resource in NLP" and gave exclusive insights into the development of the first ever translation model from and into Romansh. At the tcworld Conference in Stuttgart in November, we spent three exciting days enjoying personal encounters and exciting talks. To round things off, we held our 11th Meetup on the topic of machine translation for subtitling in December, followed by networking over chestnuts and mulled wine.

What Happened at Textshuttle

We moved into our new office in Zurich Oerlikon in February, which offers additional space for new employees. Throughout the summer, we welcomed nine new members of staff to Textshuttle. Janine Aeberhard and Nicolas Spring jointly lead the newly formed Quality and Customisation (QNC) team and Florian Schottmann took up his new position as Head of Research.

This year, our annual hackathon took place in the French mountains. During an intense week far away from our daily work routine, we divided into teams and competed to find creative solutions in terms of machine translation. The winning team members enjoyed a city trip of their choice.

The entire Textshuttle team wishes everyone happy holidays. We look forward to a new, successful year 2023.