Janine Aeberhard

Do You Recognise or Recognize the New Features?

Our newest release introduces language variants to Textshuttle, new features in the Cockpit will help you navigate, search and manage your terminology and our HelpCenter is growing.


Language Variants for German, English and French

Textshuttle now supports language variants. In a first step, they were now released for German (Switzerland/Germany), English (United Kingdom/United States) and French (Switzerland/France). The language variants are adapted in terms of orthography and typography and will be further customised in the future.

New Features in the Cockpit

The new release brings some new features in the Cockpit as well. For example, the logo can be set bigger in the Translation Interface Configurations. Moreover, the filter options have been improved: Until now, one could only select an option from the drop-down menu. Starting with this release, you can now type into the blank field to get your results faster.

The new features for the terminology management are particularly mentionable: Now you can not only delete terms, but also add new terms and edit existing terms. In order to facilitate this, a search filter was added to the terminology page. Last but not least, it is now possible to export terminologies (to TBX format).

Textshuttle HelpCenter News

‍As we said at the beginning of the year, we are focusing on extending our HelpCenter and we have already taken the first big step: From now, the Textshuttle HelpCenter and all the articles are also available in German.

Moreover, you now have the possibility to check the status of your support Requests in the HelpCenter. Just go to the menu under your name in the HelpCenter and click on Requests to access your overview.