Janine Aeberhard

Politeness for More Target Languages and Further Improvements!

Good news for all those who would like to predefine politeness: With Textshuttle, the formality of address can now also be selected for French, Italian, Spanish and Polish. In addition, the document translation in Translation Interface has been improved.

Formell informell DEU-ITA klein.png

Politeness Now Determinable Also in French, Italian, Spanish and Polish

With the last release in early October, we introduced the new politeness feature which allows to predetermine politeness when translating into German. This feature is now also available for the target languages French, Italian, Spanish and Polish. As before, the default politeness can be set via the Cockpit when translating in the CAT tool, or in the Translation Interface when using the web browser.

Faster Document Translation

Our engineers have worked hard to improve document translation: Documents can now be translated much faster.

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