Valeria Pallotta

Introducing Our Redesigned Translation Interface

Seamless communication in your signature style with Textshuttle – in every language, across your business. The design of the translation interface now also lives up to this promise and has been expanded with additional functionalities.

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Redesigned Translation Interface

Stylish communication is now even more intuitive and easier with the revised Translation Interface. It replaces the existing Translation UI. Its comprehensive range of features will be retained and further expanded in the future.

Customers continue to have the option of adapting the translation interface to their own corporate identity and, for example, placing the logo, the choice of colour or links to terms of use. The interface can be used both on desktop and mobile devices for text segments or entire documents.

The 18 languages currently available allow translations in 306 language directions. For a selection of languages, including German, French, Italian, Polish and Spanish, you can adjust the tonality to ensure you always hit the perfect note.

The "Mark Verified Translations" function can be used to display specifically defined terms within a company. By maintaining consistent language, you convey a professional and coherent image to your audience.

The translation interface provides an intuitive and user-friendly environment in which employees can communicate securely and consistently across the organisation