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Increase the Efficiency of AI Translation With These Four Tips

The quality of an AI Translation largely depends on the capabilities of its users. Textshuttle enables users not only to create simple translations, but also to actively influence them. With these four tips, content is not just translated, it’s transformed. And as a bonus, there’s an extra tip for the final cut.

Tip 1: Text or Document?

The basis for a translation is a source text, either as free text or in a document. Free text translation offers different options for subsequent editing. For Word or PowerPoint files, a seamless translation in the form of a full document is provided. Without registration, one document per day is available to users. Up to three documents per day can be translated by registering for free. If the document is a PDF or SRT file, the Textshuttle Basic Plan provides a remedy.

Tip 2: Casual or Professional?

The key to the tone of a translation is choosing the right level of formality for the recipient: formal or informal. Textshuttle makes it possible to select the level of formality – professional or casual – with a single click when choosing the language form. Automatic formality analyses the source text and proposes an appropriate register. Further information can be found on our blog post.

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Tip 3: Switzerland, Austria or Germany?

For Swiss German, the dialects of Zurich and Bern are offered, but the use of standard German is more appropriate in many cases. It is important to distinguish between the different variations of standard German in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Textshuttle takes into account lexical and syntactical differences. By choosing the language variant, the translation can be adapted to the linguistic characteristics of the country in question. It is also possible to choose between British and American English.

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Tip 4: Alternatives to Words or Phrases?

Once the formal framework and the country-specific variant have been defined, it’s a matter of fine-tuning the translation. Textshuttle makes it easier to choose alternatives to words or phrases with a single click. In this way, texts can be refined down to the smallest detail. When you click on the desired word, a variety of suitable alternatives are suggested. Is an alternative for a single word not enough? No problem, with Rephrase, Textshuttle provides a mechanism for the alternative wording of multiple related words. Simply highlight the words and select ‘Rephrase’.

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Extra Tip: A Final Human Touch

Even the best AI Translation can benefit from a personal review. If you aren’t yet completely satisfied with certain passages, Textshuttle allows you to make manual adjustments in the target text field – without the need to copy and paste. This gives the text a personal touch and allows users to make sure that it meets their expectations.

These steps and the bonus tip make translations not only efficient, but also personal.

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